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The Auckland Classical Association (ACA) is loosely affiliated to the University of Auckland’s Classics and Ancient History department, and is comprised of members from all walks of life with an interest in or passion for ancient Greece and Rome.
We have members who are interested members of the public, those with a ‘hobby’ for the classics, university students, and alumni, school teachers, university lecturers, clergy, etc.  No matter how strong your interest in the classics you are welcome to join us or attend our events.
We hope you will enjoy our website and join us at our many events throughout the year.
Past presidents of the Association.  ACA Presidents.pdf (544 Kb)
Past winners of the Classical Society Cup.  Latin Winners_Classics Cup.pdf  
Past winners of the E. M. Blaiklock trophy.  Latin Winners_Blaiklock Trophy.pdf
Past winners of ACA university prizes and school competitions:

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